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How much does a swimming pool cost in Brevard County Florida?

How much does a swimming pool cost

in Brevard County Florida?

That is the most searched term for swimming pools on the internet. "How much does a swimming pool cost"? Respose to this question has been vague with a broad range of answers and prices without any specifics.

The reason is the answer will vary from region to region, overall pool size, features included in design and product specifications included. It will also vary from contractor to contractor and the quality of services and warranties they provide.

So to answer your question "how much does a swimming pool cost in Brevard County Florida" I decided to provide potential buyers with the answer in a series showing a project and itemized proposal for review.

Example project #1

This project is a pretty basic simple 18'x30' rectangular pool with sun bench bump out in shallow end. The pool is 483 sg.ft. in size and has 837 sg.ft. of acrylic textured pool deck around it. It also includes a large sunbench, child safety fence, bobcat at dig and a pool screen enclosure. $45,710.00

Well there you have an answer to what a swimming pool costs. Stay tuned for more to the series of pool costs where we will explore actual project costs for varoius projects up to one that was over $350,000.00.

Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to find out what your project may cost prior to getting estimates.

Thank you

Mark Richter


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